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Jun 22 2016
Moore Is Less: Delusional, Poisonous, Misery-Wallowing Tripe About How Nick Jonas Wronged LGBT People With His Empathy Comments (0)

You have to read Chadwick Moore's grotesque rant about Nick Jonas having the balls to express empathy at the NYC vigil for the victims of the Orlando mass shooting. Any point that could ever be made about Jonas not being the best choice in that moment is completely lost in Moore's venomous, personally insulting attack on the guy.

Of course, he has a bunch of fawning responses on Facebook. Nick's cute (and straight, even worse), so he's someone to be loathed. Gay people want to be accepted, someone accepts us, they must be using us. Brilliant.

But regardless of how you feel on the topic of Jonas speaking at that vigil, should we really be applauding an open letter by a gay person directed at gay people the week after a mass shooting at a gay bar that ends:

And I keep wondering, to my sisters and brothers--when will the mothership return for us? This planet doesn’t deserve us. Maybe it’s time we check out.

What is this misery whore talking about? Because it sounds like suicide, and that's a contemptible suggestion when we are at our lowest.

Don't call us your brothers and sisters, because I don't have a thing in common with this kind of nasty, misguided, emo tripe.



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