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Jun 06 2016
Nothing Compares 2 EBay: Own The Queen Of Pop's Prince Chair Comments (0)

S-l1600(Image via eBay)

You can own the throne-like chair from which Madonna serenaded the ghost of Prince at the Billboard Music Awards—for a mere $5,000. (To start.)

From eBay:

This is a incredible item that there is only one of in the world, The Madonna "Prince tribute" purple & silver throne chair used during her performance in the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. Madonna fans - Prince fans this is thee ultimate collectors item featured in over 2 mins of her performance. When my wife and I saw the performance live and it turned around 180 and it was just Madonna and the chair, we were both screaming with joy that we missed most of her singing lol.
I own a small prop rental company in Orange Country (Modern Chair Rental) and was contacted a week prior to the award show not knowing exactly who would be using the chair but that it would be used by a artist during the award show. A couple days prior to the show airing one of Madonna's production guys called me and wanted to know if they could customize the chair by adding hundreds of crystals completely covering all of the silver wood trim to match her outfit. How Cool Is That? I at first wasn't interested I am attached to all my throne props and actually told the guy no, but I immediately called my wife and explained the situation and she told me to go for it. I then called them back and approved the modifications of the chair.
I don't have any feedback on here so please check out my company's Yelp page and know you can trust me 100% with this item I started this account just to sell this special piece. My business is everything to me and I want every person bidding to know you can trust me, you can call me and you can come see it if your a interested buyer. My cell is 714-595-2445 (Alex)
The chair is also a original design of mine from several years ago, there might be others out there that resemble this model but this specific one there are no others.The chair is 5ft 3" inches tall x 32" inches wide x 29" deep.

I wouldn't want this; it's too unwieldy to increase in value, and it's from an event most non-Madonna fans (and a distressingly high number of Madonna fans) don't remember fondly. Still, if you want to own something fabulous that touched Madonna's ass, it's still cheaper than Tony Ward.