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Jun 12 2016
WORST MASS SHOOTING IN U.S. HISTORY: Shooting Rampage At Gay Club Pulse Kills At Least 50, Injures Scores: Killer IDed As American Citizen Omar Mateen Comments (0)

13342970_851371024968744_7222921367669734302_nAd for a recent evening at Pulse, where the shooting occurred (Image via Pulse)

UPDATE: The killer has been IDed as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, a U.S.-born man whose parents immigrated from Afghanistan. So unbelievable that a person could be born and raised in this country and hate it and its people.

Early today, a gunman shot and killed at least 20 people and injured another 42 in the packed gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida. Reports are that the authorities consider it an act of domestic terrorism.

The suspect carried an assault rifle and a handgun, as well as another so-called “device.” A controlled explosion carried out by police after the incident may have been related to the device.

According to patrons, the incident occurred around 2 a.m. A security guard exchanged fire with the shooter before he entered and holed up inside the club with hostages. Police had to storm the place around 5 a.m., killing the man. But it was too late for the victims, and it sounds like the already horrific death toll is set to rise.

Popular drag performer Kenya Michaels was at the club, and has since posted she got out alive:

 The FBI has already noted the shooter may have been a radical Islamist: 

So far, there's no word that this is tied to an international group like Islamic State, or whether it was the work of a lone supporter of that or another group, but officials do not believe more attacks are immediately planned for Orlando: 

There can be no mistaking the timing of the attack, during Gay Pride Month. We need to band together during this terrible time and stay strong. No one's ideology and no one's weaponry will ever silence the LGBT community.

Hillary Clinton reacts to the news: