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Jun 22 2016
This Floor, Gay Pride: A Peek At Last Night's MACY'S CELEBRATES PRIDE Comments (0)

IMG_6743*A pride of Pride celebrants (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Had fun at Macy's Celebrates Pride last night—co-presented by—where I hung out with hot couple Brett & Dalen and we stalked reluctant swimsuit models and less reluctant Broadway Bares vets.

IMG_6668*Stoli kept the good times flowing.

The event, held at Macy's Herald Square in 5th Floor Men's Suits (somehow, this reminds me of directions to good cruising bathrooms), had shirtless boys, natty dandies, Ali Forney Center volunteers, live performances ... and even Crystal Waters, for whom the crowd had 100% pure love.

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IMG_6666*“Oh, heyyyyy!” Pride



IMG_6746*When my buddy hopped up on the podium with him, this beauty blushed deep red.

IMG_6704*Hottest couple there—I want a % of the sex tape!

IMG_6672*Ginger magic


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 3.22.12 PMThat blond was too cool for school, but I really want to do a shoot with the brunet...

IMG_6692*Who needs booze when the bartender starts out looking this good?

IMG_6699*She wasn't homo-less ... she wasn't homo-less ...


IMG_6708*Well-suited: Model Uriah Harris

IMG_6710*Jon Lovitz and posse


IMG_6721*Bares moneymaker-shaker Robert Keir & pal Paul Cosentino

IMG_6768.*JPGMarty Thomas Presents DIVA!

IMG_6757*I wanna be their friend! They look so styled and groomed and fun.

IMG_6751*I don't drink but nearly started. I mean, look at this guy.

IMG_6750*“You know this is trash?” he sweetly warned me. One man's trash ...

IMG_6759*So, yeah, I was old enough to be everyone's less-well-dressed dad.