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Jul 15 2016
Legendary Actress Estelle Parsons Falls Ill, Play's Run Canceled Comments (0)

I was so sad when my buddy Greg texted me about this—Estelle Parsons, 88, who was indefatigable onstage in August, Osage County (2008) and whom 90I saw most recently in The Velocity of Autumn (2013)—fell ill during a performance of her acclaimed show Out of the Mouths of Babes... and the show's run has ended over it.

Via Playbill:

Estelle had been debilitated by the heat and felt ill at intermission. The remainder of the performance was cancelled and Estelle was taken to the hospital for care and observation overnigh. She left there with a clean bill of health and remains in good health, but upon further consultation with her long-time physician, it has been determined that it is inadvisable for her to resume the rigors of performing this two-act play. Under the circumstances, we regret that we must cancel the remainder of the play’s engagement. We love Estelle and want her to have the rest and peace of mind she needs.—Cherry Lane A.D. Angelina Fiordellisi

I hope she bounces back and is able to perform in the future.

(Image by Carol Rosegg)