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Jul 11 2016
The Numbers On Maureen Dowd's Career Of Clinton-Bashing Comments (0)

Dowd-clinton-20140615-3b(Meme via Media Matters)

Over the weekend, a(nother) negative article that New York Times scribe Maureen Dowd published about Hillary Clinton made waves for disrespectfully referring to President Obama as “Barry,” a clear insult and dog-whistle tactic for his many undeclared-racist detractors.

But Media Matters took the time to focus on the real meat of the article, namely Dowd's familiar knife-twisting assessments of Hillary. Turns out that over the years, her articles on Hillary have been overwhelmingly negative (more than 70%), and that they tend to smear her on a few common bases.

Definitely worth a read. How is this woman still employed? One can write nasty columns on the same person for 20 years and never be deemed obsolete?