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Jul 12 2016
Why Hillary Clinton Is Hated, And Shouldn't Be Comments (0)

Vox has a great, widely read and discussed piece up on the real Hillary Clinton vs. the one many dislike. Writer Ezra Klein describes it as “the Gap,” that difference between how her co-workers (and even rivals) describe her in person and how she is perceived by a large percentage of the American electorate.

From the essay:

I’ve come to call it “the Gap.” There is the Hillary Clinton I watch on the nightly news and that I read described in the press. She is careful, calculated, cautious. Her speeches can sound like executive summaries from a committee report, the product of too many authors, too many voices, and too much fear of offense..

And then there is the Hillary Clinton described to me by people who have worked with her, people I admire, people who understand Washington in ways I never will. Their Hillary Clinton is spoken of in superlatives: brilliant, funny, thoughtful, effective. She inspires a rare loyalty in ex-staff, and an unusual protectiveness even among former foes.

Obama administration officials, up to and including the president, badly want to see her win — there is something in the way she acted after the election, in the soldier she became and the colleague she showed herself to be, that has curdled the pride they felt in winning the 2008 primary into something close to guilt.

It's great stuff, and worth considering if you're a progressive who still isn't ready for Hillary, even with the specters of multiple Supreme Court vacancies and Donald Trump's short fingers on the nuke button looming in November.