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Aug 16 2016
Madonna Turns 58: What 10 Other Great Ladies Were Doing @ 58 Comments (0)

What some other great dames were doing at 58:

When Joan Crawford turned 58, she was starring in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

When Bette Davis turned 58, she was already four years past What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?โ€”she was making an appearanc eon Gunsmoke.

When Gloria Swanson turned 58, she was seven years past Sunset Boulevard, appearing on The Steve Allen Plymouth Show.

When Marlene Dietrich turned 58, she was releasing her Marlene in Rio album from her cabaret act.

When Lana Turner turned 58, she was filming her last movie, Witches' Brew.

When Cher turned 58, she was on the last part of her Living Proof: The Farewell Tourโ€”โ€œBelieveโ€ was six years in her past.

When Josephine Baker turned 58, she was losing her home as the result of unpaid debts.

When Joni Mitchell turned 58, she was a year away from her Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

When Connie Francis turned 58, she was releasing what is to date her late original album, With Love to Buddy.

When Olivia Newton-John turned 58, she was releasing her Grace and Gratitude album.

And we all know what Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, Natalie Wood and Whitney Houston were doing at age 58, so: TELL YOUR ICON YOU LOVE HER TODAY!