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Aug 05 2016
No Asians: FRONT COVER Goes There Comments (0)

Next-Magazine(Image via Next)

Raymond Yeung's Front Cover film makes the front cover of Next Magazine in the form of shirtless beauty Jake Choi. Inside, Yeung says of the marginalization of Asian men in the gay community:

In the mainstream gay scene, Asian men are rarely seen as attractive or sexy. We are constantly exposed to images of male beauty which are predominantly white. Male desirability in the scene is all about bigger, hairier, taller, etc. Asian men on the other hand are often desexualized or seen as weak, camp and feminine. So in order for a gay Asian man to fit into the gay scene, he often has to distance himself from all the negative stereotypical images associated with Asian men.  But as you cannot change the color of our skin, how do you fit in? A lot of Asian men tried to fit in by dating white men. That's one way of fitting in. Because then you are not seen as an outsider.

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