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Aug 25 2016
Russian Loyalists Trump & Assange Assail Clinton As She Rises (Further) In Polls Comments (0)

Yesterday, Donald Trump—the most outspokenly racist major-party candidate for the office of POTUS since before racism had a name, boldly called Hillary Clinton an out-and-out “bigot” at a rally yesterday, claiming she didn't see POC as people, but as mere votes.

That's big talk from the man who has said—well, you know all the glibly racist things he has said. If this is his black outreach, it's a fail.

Even more iron—or moron—ically, he said it at the same rally at which he shared the stage with Brexit architect Nigel Farage, whose own entire raison d'être is racism.


On the same day, accused rapist Julian Assange, whose Wikileaks is now openly anti-Hillary, anti-Democrat and pro-Donald Trump, bragged on FOX News to Megyn Kelly that the shadowy organization—which recently outed gay men in decidedly gay-unfriendly Saudi Arabia—would dump thousands more pages on Hillary and her campaign, and that the information would be significant, hinting (perhaps desperately?) that it could be a game-changer.

This is an unacceptable situation, to have a foreign entity who stands accused of rape running an international hacking organization sitting back and waiting for just the right time to release information in order to swing a U.S. election. How is this fair or ethical in any way? It isn't. This man and his accomplices need to be removed from their hiding places and tossed in jail. There is at least an argument for the value of leaking sensitive material in whistle-blower fashion—Snowden-style—but that's not what this is. This is election-tampering.

When Assange discovers that what he has isn't enough to sink Clinton, what's to stop him from manufacturing stuff that is enough?