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Sep 16 2016
Idina Menzel Isn't Sure The World's Ready For A Lesbian Disney Princess: WE'RE HAVING A HARD TIME EVEN GETTING DONALD TRUMP OUT OF THE WAY Comments (0)

In a fresh Q&A with PrideSource's Chris Azzopardi, Idina Menzel addresses her gay following, the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend movement and her sacrilegious (my eyes are rolling over what's considered sacred in film anymore) remake of Beaches.

I share her sentiments when asked if the world may be ready for Disney's Elsa to be a lesbian:

Umm... I don't know about that, considering we're having a hard time even getting Donald Trump out of the way. Sometimes it's a little discouraging. But you never know. We keep making all these strides. We've made a lot of strides in the last couple of years, and then all of a sudden the hate and the vitriol within our country is exposed and you're like, "What happened? We're in the ancient times again." 

She's also humbled when asked about her status as a one-name gay icon comparable to Cher, Madonna, Mariah, Bette:

Hey, if I can get into that realm or that class, I would be very happy. It would be a huge compliment. But I'm still working toward that. Those women have done a lot more than I have!