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Sep 05 2016

Paul Krugman urges us—and by us, I mean the U.S.-us—not to let history repeat itself in his column entitled Hillary Clinton Gets Gored. From his New York Times piece:

[T]he best ways to judge a candidate’s character are to look at what he or she has actually done, and what policies he or she is proposing. Mr. Trump’s record of bilking students, stiffing contractors and more is a good indicator of how he’d act as president; Mrs. Clinton’s speaking style and body language aren’t. George W. Bush’s policy lies gave me a much better handle on who he was than all the up-close-and-personal reporting of 2000, and the contrast between Mr. Trump’s policy incoherence and Mrs. Clinton’s carefulness speaks volumes today.

In other words, focus on the facts. America and the world can’t afford another election tipped by innuendo.

A new piece suggests Hillary “looks strong” against Trump, but I believe we can't count on anything.

We need to keep underscoring Trump's absolute lack of qualifications—morally and otherwise—to assume the role of POTUS, as Charles M. Blow does, unflinchingly, in his already-viral “Donald Trump Does Detroit” Times piece:

He spoke Friday to a handful of African-Americans in North Philadelphia, and as described on, told them that “he is not a bigot, and blamed the media for portraying him that way, according to people who attended a private event.”

No sir, stop right there. We are not going to allow any deflection or redefining of words here. You are a bigot. That is not a media narrative or a fairy tale. That is an absolute truth. No one manufactured your bigotry; you manifested it.

You have proudly brandished your abrasiveness, and now you want to whine and moan about your own abrasions. Not this day. Not the next day. Not ever. You will never shake the essence of yourself. Your soul is dark, your character corrupt. You are a reprobate and a charlatan who has ridden a wave of intolerance to its crest.

Donald Trump is a lifelong bigot, money-grubber, user and fraud. We can not let up on that message. He must not win.