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Sep 11 2016
Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia; God Is An A-Hole Comments (0)

Terrible timing, since people who hate Hillary will giddily jump for joy at what they see as a sign of weakness (being a human being and therefore susceptible to diseases), but Hillary Clinton's campaign has confirmed her buckling in the heat today was the result of being diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

Her doctor had advised her to adjust her schedule, but she pushed through and tried to be there to honor the victims of 9/11, which she did before being overcome.

This is why she wouldn't want to miss the 9/11 event:

Hillary's doctor says she is doing well now, and we have seen her out and about since the episode at the memorial.

It's terrible optics and allows her foes to harp on her physical fitness, but any Democrat who cares about actual issues should realize that even a temporarily sick Democrat is better than a healthy Republican. She can recover from pneumonia, but Donald Trump can not be cured of being Donald Trump.

Another favorite response: