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Sep 21 2016
L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, 8 MILE Director Curtis Hanson Dead @ 71 Comments (0)

Curtis-Hanson-645x370Hanson with Mathers; Curtis Hanson: March 24, 1945-September 20, 2016 (Image via Universal)

Curtis Hanson, who produced, director and co-write the acclaimed film L.A. Confidential (1997)—which won Kim Basinger an Oscar—has died at 71 after battling Alzheimer's disease.

Hanson won the Oscar for his writing duties on that neo-noir thriller.

Hanson directed a wide variety of mainstream films, including the semi-classic teen-exploitation flick Losin' It (1983), the Rob Lowe career-flipper Bad Influence (1990), the Hitchcockian The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992), the Meryl Streep-powered The River Wild (1994), a turgid adaptation of Wonder Boys (2000) and his biggest smash, Eminem's vehicle 8 Mile (2002).