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Sep 28 2016
Madonna's Boobs Come Out Swinging For Hillary Comments (0)

Madonna's a great, underrated songwriter. As a composer of campaign rhetoric—“She's the Best we got!”—I would grade her a C. But her latest post, nearly revealing her Cs, could have a nipple effect on voters who think this election is a bust either way. 

I also have always loved this funny image that seeks to imagine a world where Hillary Clinton and Madonna—such different women, and yet women with shared traits like certitude and righteous indignation and a mind-numbing work ethic—might stand in the same room.

All that said: Hey, Madona, her name is H-I-L-L-A-R-Y. Once and for all.

Just in case you were unsure of how Madonna feels, she let her young son David celebrate his birthday by taking off the head of a Donald Trump piñata: 

Finally, if you're in NYC and you love Madonna, get on the boat:

14455916_1447865851895689_1042952670_o(Image via Jeannie Buxo)