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Oct 02 2016
Bernie Has Hillary's Back On Trump's Latest BASEMENT-DWELLERS Attack Comments (0)

Bernie Sanders is helping to deflate any minimal damage from the leaked audio in which Hillary Clinton spoke about his supporters living in their parents' basements.

The context is clear—she was being sympathetic, and she was saying she understood and that her supporters needed to understand that these young people lived through a recession and may feel consigned to low-paying jobs.

Admirably, Bernie is underscoring that reading of Hillary's remarks, defending her as being “absolutely correct” on ABC's This Week today:

I think what she said—and, by the way, during the campaign, we do have our differences, Secretary Clinton and I do disagree on issues—but what she was saying there is absolutely correct. And that is, you’ve got millions of young people, many of whom took out loans in order to go to college, hoping to go out and get decent-paying, good jobs.

Of course, Trump and his brownshirts are dutifully hyping this audio all over the Internet, characterizing it as Hillary looking down on her former adversary's basement-dwelling fanatics. That's (1) a stretch, and (2) very rich, because they despise Bernie Sanders and his supporters politically. It reminds me of a pointless Twitter exchange I recently had, in which some A-hole told me because I'm gay I should like Trump, he's better for us. When I rebutted that, he said it was a good thing I'm a homo because Hillary was about to screw me. The concern-trolling is sometimes so fake it's embarrassing. 

In fact, Trump is THE prime example of why Sanders' revolution has gone so far—he is a parasite on our economy, and he's trying to convince Bernie's supporters that he's an outsider?!