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Oct 03 2016
Gay-Marriage Pioneers Now Need Your Help Comments (0)

13423519_1470168996.5924(Image via GoFundMe)

Gay-marriage pioneers Ben and Marcial Bolina Cable sued the state of California for the right to marry back in 1993, and were finally able to tie the knot legally two years ago.

Now, the couple is facing a new challenge—Marcial has a malignant brain tumor, and he needs some help from the LGBTQ community.

Via the Bay Area Reporter, Ben says:

The expenses have come as quite a surprise. Our insurance has peaked—we pay 10 percent of all the bills. What Kaiser is doing is wonderful, Marcial has a great team, but the cost is enormous.

Even with a sick hubby, Ben is thinking about others, noting:

We need to preserve and expand the Affordable Care Act.

Just another reason why we need to elect Hillary Clinton—Donald Trump and his minions want to gut the Affordable Care Act, and have no plan to replace it with anything.

Check out his GoFundMe page here.