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Oct 28 2016
New Email From Matthew: I CAN'T WITH THIS Comments (0)

UPDATE: The Clinton campaign is already calling Comey's bluff, not that that will stop the media and previously forlorn Trump supporters and surrogates from dancning a jig.

My take: Unless these (reportedly 3!) emails state something really new, the electorate has already factored in Hillary's alleged shadiness and her admitted email transgressions MONTHS ago. Since then, she all but collapsed on camera and has never fallen behind Trump. I do not see this making the difference between who wins the presidency.

James Comey, the very frustrated FBI head who had to admit he had nothin' on Hillary over her private email server months ago, has been enduring withering attacks over his decision ever since.

Now, with 11 days until the election, he has suddenly announced they've found more emails that they need to investigate—and they can't even say if they're pertinent.


Just such bullshit.