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Nov 18 2016
Shaun King Calls Out Bubble-Headed Kanye West On Trump Support Comments (0)

It's sick that Kanye West has come out and stated he (1) did not vote, but (2) would have voted for Trump. For him to then state supporting Trump doesn't mean he doesn't think Black Lives Matter and isn't on board with gay marriage is just absolutely, fundamentally wrong. For him to chide everyday black Americans for giving racism a second thought is dangerously disconnected.

That's what happens sometimes when you're so filthy rich — nothing matters to you because you have all the cards.

What an absurd man.

Charmingly, he also rapped:

I hope they build the wall/I hope they get rid of them all

Wish we could send Kanye back, but he — sadly — was born here. I'll take my chances with a Syrian immigrant over this house rapper any day.

Meanwhile, longtime racist Paris Hilton also came out — after the fact — to admit she voted for family friend Trump. I can't believe people are still interviewing her, but here ya go: