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Dec 13 2016
Kanye West Should Become Persona Non Grata In Entertainment: Glibly Meets With Trump Comments (0)

Kanye West made headlines for his anti-Hillary, pro-Trump diatribes while he was having a mental breakdown just weeks ago (but after the election).

Following a weeklong stay in UCLA Medical Center and another week or more of outpatient treatment, which literally just ended, he and his people thought it would be a good idea to request a meeting with Trump.

Trump, being an insane egomaniac and attention whore himself granted Kanye a 15-minute sit-down at Trump Tower. Co-President-elect Ivanka was, of course, close by. Da.

Trump, who has made almost no time for intel briefings about national security, made time to meet a mentally unstable rapper.

Guaranteed, Kanye will be the A-list entertainer Trump's been seeking for his gotta-be-gaudy inauguration. I don't see how any liberal let alone any black person could respect Kanye after the past month, but it looks like any still left in his camp will find fewer excuses going forward.

Kanye West is not talented. He is a blithering, self-absorbed idiot, and his mental disorder has been mistaken, aggressively, by music critics as inspiration. I am so ready for him to be over.

P.S. Advice to Kim: Delete your marriage.