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Dec 02 2016
The Most Popular British Foods Revealed Comments (0)

The British are known for having an interest culture, especially when it comes to the nation's dishes and food items. From bangers and mash to Yorkshire pudding, there's no shortage of unique recipes floating around Great Britain, and for the outsider who's never had traditional British cuisine, these new culinary experiences can be quite the treat. With that said, here are some of the most popular British foods revealed:

The Meat and 2 Veg

One of the more traditional British meal types that is starting to re-surge in popularity is the “meat and 2 veg.” While this is a flexible dish because you can pretty much use any kind of meat alongside two vegetable sides, the British typically opt for a roasted meat of some sort. Not surprisingly, meat and 2 veg is also the humorous colloquial term used to describe a man's private parts. In fact, it's such a common phrase in Britain that the Orchid male cancer charity is currently running a social effort in conjunction with Ladbrokes urging people to post a pic of their meat and 2 veg plates with the hashtag #meatand2veg in an effort to raise awareness about male-specific cancers.

Sunday Roast

A typical Sunday roast consist of roast beef, roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli or spinach, and mini Yorkshire puddings. However, there are many variations to choose from, including roast lamb and roast pork. It's very important to make this one true to the traditional British recipes and focus on fixing a superb gravy to bring the dish into its full potential.

Fish Supper

Fish supper, also commonly called fish and chips, has been rated as Great Britain's most popular meal choice, especially in seaside areas. This staple of British culture was allegedly invented in 1860 on the East End of London and has since ballooned into a national trademark with tens of thousands of fish and chip stands located throughout the country.

Full English Breakfast

The full English breakfast, also referred to as simply the Full English, Full Monty, or a fry-up, is a household staple that consists of eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, ham, tomatoes, and toast. It may also optionally include, mushrooms, potatoes, kippers, and black & white pudding (which is actually two different sausage/pork-based items that resemble conventional sausage).

Crumpets and English Muffins

These popular griddle cakes are commonly served at lunch, brunch, breakfast, and tea time, but can actually go good with just about any meal. They're very similar in both taste and appearance, but there's a distinguishable difference between the two because crumpets are made from a looser batter that contains milk, whereas English muffin batter is thicker and typically uses water instead.

Favourite Desserts

The British are also known for loving their hot pies, especially during sporting events. Other examples of popular British desserts include Banoffee pie, Eton mess, apple crumble, toffee pudding, Bakewell tarts, sherry trifles, bread and butter pudding, and Victoria sponge cake.

Don't Forget to Participate in the #meatand2veg Challenge

While the #meatand2veg trend started in Great Britain, people from around the world are posting pics of their plates in support of the cause. Now that you've got some great British foods on your to-cook list, why not snap a pic of your meat and 2 veg dish and share it using the hashtag #meatand2veg to help spread awareness?