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Feb 02 2017
IF YOU WANNA BE GAY, GO BE GAY: 9th-Grader Seethes Against LITTLE QUEERS Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 5.11.29 PM(Video still via Vimeo @JoeJoestar)

UPDATE: I was first with this video, thanks to Chev, my tipster. After I posted it, it was yanked — the video and the entire account associated with it on Vimeo. The owner of the account purported to be a teen classmate of the kid, so I am curious to know if he feared retribution, if the school intervened or if the homophobe's family got involved.

This kid has serious, serious issues — his rant against his peers, er queers for dying their hair and acting too gay in school is so absolutely rife with an internal struggle that it kinda goes without saying.

Listening to him talk it out is super disturbing — it sounds like he is threatening his classmates, and his fixation on the abnormality of anal sex kinda winds down meekly.

He also claims people are running around saying, “It offends us because you're straight” — something I don't think has ever happened anywhere.

Dispiriting, and sad ...

Gay Rant from JoeJoestar on Vimeo.