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Feb 08 2017
New Old Memoir Claims Judy Garland Was Molested By Munchkins Comments (0)

Giphy(GIF via MGM)

A memoir by the late Sid Luft is making the rounds, and it claims poor teenaged Judy Garland was molested by the actors playing munchkinds in The Wizard of Oz during filming.

According to Luft, the actors would stick their hands up her skirt and generally mistreat her because they felt they could get away with anything due to their size, even though most were adults.

Next up: A memoir asserting that Lassie had parvo.

P.S. There's only one munchkin left, Mr. Jerry Maren, who is now 97 and who was just barely 18 during filming. We should ask him for a comment, if he hasn't already fled to South America.