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Mar 03 2017
Dead To Rights: Russian Diplomats Dropping Like Flies ... Hugely Concerning Comments (0)

Six Russian officials have died suddenly and mysteriously in a matter of months.

Via The Independent:

Vitaly Churkin, 64, was rushed to hospital from his office at Russia’s UN mission on 20 February, after becoming ill without warning on his way in to work.

It was initially reported that Mr Churkin may have suffered a heart attack, but following an autopsy medical examiners said the death required further study. 

Media company Axios note that not only is Mr Churkin’s death unexplained, but it is also remarkably similar to the deaths of Russia’s Ambassador to India on 27 January, the country’s consul in Athens on 9 January, and a Russian diplomat in New York on US election day, 8 November.

The timeline of their deaths is far more suspicious than the ridiculous laundry list of people who had anything to do with the Clintons dying. And this is Russia we are talking about, that place where Putin kills his enemies routinely.