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Apr 07 2017
3 Months In, Trump Disingenuously Dragging The U.S. Into World War Comments (0)

Trump does not give a shit about Syrian kids being gassed — if you think he does, you're beyond naive and straight into stupid.

After demonizing Syrian refugees for years, he seized on Assad's outrageous chemical-weapons attack as an opportunity to bomb Assad, thus showing the world he is Mr. Tough Guy — without actually harming Assad or changing the course of the Syrian conflict in any material way.

How anyone could believe that Trump is seeking to do the right thing is beyond me, but he is not.

I'm surprised he didn't bomb the Obamas, since he has already expressly blamed President Obama for the chemical attack.

If this is a one-off, it will help his ratings for a bit as we slide toward more Russian-collusion revelations and he is eventually removed.

But if he is crazy and desperate enough to want to hold on to power at all costs, it could be the first shot fired in a world war involving the U.S. (and our oh-so-happy allies) vs. Russia, China, Iran. The mind boggles.

Obama (and Hillary) wanted to intervene in some way in Syria — Republicans were, by and large, against that. And Obama never did it. Whatever he or she wanted to accomplish, knowing what is known about them, it would be reasonable to assume they legitimately wanted peace and stability, and justice for Syria's citizens. 

Knowing what we know about Trump, it would be irrational or consciously ignorant to think anything he does — at all — is for the greater good. He is not acting in good faith. The longer he is in power, the greater the odds that the U.S. becomes embroiled in yet another war.

How much aggression has to originate int he U.S. before its own citizens  realize it is one of the bad guys? Apparently, a limitless amount.

Trump must be stopped. His actions must be resisted. We have to keep pushing. He already has an illegitimate presidency and an illegitimate SCOTUS yes man, both of which will affect the country for years to come.

Assad must also be stopped — but tail-wags-dog airstrikes designed to do anything but stop him won't be the way.