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Apr 09 2017
Baldwin's Trump Keeps Dishing Out Finger Chili For His Hungry Supporters Comments (0)

Donald Trump(Video still via NBC)

SNL went fairly dark in its cold open last night, featuring somber questions from Kentucky supporters of Trump (Alec Baldwin) on topics like water purity, the minimum wage and health care, all items the real Trump's budget would severely impede.

Even as each questioner (the actors did Kentucky accents, but did not lampoon the Trump voters as goobers) is told to his or her face that Trump will be directly attacking items that are making their lives worth living, they reassert their support for the guy.

Per ExtraTV, Baldwin/Trump's response:

It's like you found a finger in your chili, but you still eat the chili because you told everyone how much you love chili — it's tremendous!

Watch the whole skit after the jump ...