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Apr 02 2017
When Hazing Isn't Hot: Sex-Assault Allegations Rock Texas Town Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 1.48.24 PMDustin Norman & Robert Olivarez Jr., who have been arrested (Video still via YouTube @ The Eliot)

Via Three high school students have been socked with felony sexual-assault charges over horrific hazing involving a 16-year-old teammate.

The boys, asserting their dominance, allegedly inserted the threaded end of an air tank into their victim's anus while he struggled to get away.

All this because the boy was joining the varsity team.

There have been 10 arrests so far, including mostly underage boys.

Keep reading for the video, in which faith leaders laughably urge forgiveness and context without emphasizing anything about punishment. So I guess when it comes to Texas (this happened in La Vernia, and many more victims are coming forward with allegations), if you want something in your butt, you're nasty. If you want to force something into someone's butt, you should be forgiven and society gets blamed as long as you're straigth.

Video after the jump ...