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Apr 26 2017
Erin Moran's Brother Attacks Insensitive & TINY Scott Baio Comments (0)

Scott-Baio-SpeedoSure, he seemed hot then, but there's no evidence Erin's bro is offbase! (Image via 16)

Erin Moran's brother Tony has called out jerk-off Scott Baio for rushing to publicly condemn Erin for drinking and drugging ... before it became known she actually died of cancer.

TMZ reports that Tony, in a since-deleted post, confirmed Baio and Moran dated briefly, asserted that she dumped him for being “more like a lil girl and not a man,” and also said she had reported Baio has a tiny penis.

I always knew Baio was a dick, but now there's an allegation he's a micro-dick.