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May 01 2017
THREE STOOGES, Western Actress Adrian Booth Dies @ 99 Comments (0)

E3361f2d9aaec6681640637c30cb39aaAdrian Booth aka Lorna Gray: July 26, 1917—April 30, 2017

Via Adrian Booth — originally known as Lorna Gray — died April 30, 2017, at 99.

The actress, who performed in a variety of roles, notably as a Columbia player and later in Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 12.39.08 PMcomedies and westerns for Republic Pictures, was a Three Stooges cutie who showed she could take a pie to her pretty face with the best of them.

She worked from the '30s until her final films, which were released in 1951. She retired upon marrying fellow movie actor David Brian (1910—1993).

I was at the Hollywood Show this weekend and thought someone said a Three Stooges actor was there. He hadn't said that, but my immediate thought was that I couldn't believe any would still be alive. Sure enough, at least one was — until this weekend.

Keep reading to watch the actress in Three Sappy People, a classic Stooges short from 1939 ...