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Jun 28 2017
Flaming-Hot: The Sexy Guys Of NYC's LGBT Pride March Comments (0)

IMG_7343_newJust got Locky — Locky Brownlie at the march for PVH (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Listen, this post's title is self-explanatory — this is a photo essay of sexy dudes from Sunday's LGBT Pride March.

IMG_8101_newA case of pubic intoxication on Eighth Avenue

It's a matter of taste, so no offense is intended if you were at the march and didn't get hit on by my camera.

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IMG_8086_newEveryone was staring. He was surprised I asked to shoot him ... then asked for 1 with his sunnies!

I actually asked most everyone if I could take his picture first (with a very few exceptions) and only had one guy say no. I told his willing friends to inform him he was a shirtless muscle hunk in a public parade.

IMG_7927_newSickest body ever!

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 6.03.45 PMWhen he went for the popsicle pose undirected, I knew he was a star.

There's no accounting for people's vanity.

IMG_8012_newOne of the best pics — so cute, so natural. Chelsea never looked so good.

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IMG_7358_newJuanFer De La Torre should be the next Calvin Klein guy.

Countless hot guys below ...


IMG_7267_newAll my credit cards got hard. Mariano Rubin de Celis looked like he was moonlighting from his job on Olympus.

IMG_7332_newThis one was for the cover!

IMG_7065_newCould be the perfect guy — ridick hot, extremely polite, happy to pose for me ...

IMG_7061_new... and travels with a pack of cute friends!

IMG_7341_newLocky Brownlie, breathtaking in blue



IMG_7347_newOrange you glad he came? (That's David Rest in orange.)

IMG_7336_newLooked good in blue (wiseguy_00 on Instagram)


IMG_7377_newCory D. Stewart, who later Instagrammed that the “vibes” of the day were incredible


IMG_7357_newJoshua Michael Brickman, DNA coverguy & one of NYC's prettiest people

IMG_7331_newJuanFer De La Torre — a scorcher

IMG_7363_newPrata Anderson's perfect pecs



IMG_7741_newIsn't he pretty in pink?


IMG_7372_newThis model started out with his back to me — it's like we're soulmates!

IMG_7066_newBack for good

IMG_7071_newMatching set

IMG_7076_newI caught the stud on the left with his pants down, changing. But I was too gallant to shoot.

IMG_7095_newGlad I upgraded my lubricant

IMG_7114_newAt the end of the rainbow ...

IMG_7138_newOh, progress is very possible ...

IMG_7152_newGood first-date look

IMG_7153_newDJ Joe Lynskey — hey, Mr. DJ! (Check him out on Instagram here)


IMG_7164_newWho wears short-shorts?

IMG_7171_newOne of the adorable amfAR dancers

IMG_7210_newTrade I'm Epic pics?

IMG_7220_newSo near and yet so amfAR

IMG_7235_newTit for tat

IMG_7273_newLOVE is all I need.

IMG_7281_newNobody told me we should show up armed!

IMG_7290_newTwinking of you

IMG_7303_newAaron Foldenauer is an attorney running for NYC City Council, apparently on the Fuckable Families line.

  IMG_7396_newSandal-ous behavior

IMG_7407_newGrownup time

IMG_7431_newThe devil horns made me do it.

IMG_7493_newKelly dirty dances with one hell of a hoofer.

IMG_7515_newBandanna in public

IMG_7532_newFace in the crowd

IMG_7546_newTall drink of water

IMG_7547_newWith a side of beef to boot

IMG_7554_newSure wished I wasn't busy with the march

IMG_7564_new_newSuspender bender

IMG_7588_newTanks a lot!

IMG_7593_newHead and shoulders above the rest

IMG_7595_newCaught looking

IMG_7661_newI'd hold on tight to him, too. (Either!)

IMG_7663_new“I know why he's taking YOUR picture ...”

  IMG_7704_newKelly has good taste!

IMG_7669_newHair today ...

IMG_7672I loved these three — great energy. I fingered the spare engagement ring in my pocket while viewing the middle. :)

IMG_7716_newLook at that runway-ready pose! (And that smile!)

IMG_7718_newI was definitely experiencing nipple envy here.

IMG_7732_newBoyfriend goals

IMG_7733_newStopping traffic

IMG_7753_newI'm her.

IMG_7757_newOne of the few floats with go-go boys

IMG_7768_newIs it appropriate to say, “Dad!” ... if the guy is half your age?

IMG_7772_newThe Nasty Pig pen is open!

IMG_7786_newAnchors aweigh!

IMG_7791_newThe center of all the action

IMG_7798_newThe architecture of Fifth Avenue just got upgraded.

IMG_7800_newBulging with Pride

IMG_7809_newWould you like some headband?

IMG_7811_newBefore you leave the house, always take one thing off. Preferably, your shirt.

IMG_7815_newKiehling me with that eye contact

IMG_7824_newHot peace

IMG_7826_newMake nip slips possible, too!

IMG_7831_newIt was like a holding pen of hotness!

IMG_7850_newNo, you!

IMG_7851_newBest tan!

IMG_7860_newI could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot and not lose any readers.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 5.15.34 PMGives good headdress

IMG_7881_newNice legs

IMG_7886_newThe little girl to the right's first encounter with a jockstrap?

IMG_7891_new... like rabbits

IMG_7916_newI'll drink to that!

IMG_7923_newLet the sunshine in ...

IMG_7931_newSuspenders of disbelief

IMG_7935_newBeard science


IMG_7942_newThey were selling padded-butt underwear — but didn't need any themselves.

IMG_7946_newArmed confrontation



IMG_7961_new_newThis underwear model is the kind of boy you don't take home to your parents because your dad might try to fuck him.

IMG_7974_newIs this for your personal collection? he asked. 

IMG_7999_new_newI need some of those suspenders. Preferably, his.

IMG_8001_newI would have loved to get into his pants! I mean, but they weren't my size.

  IMG_8088_newLast couple of the day!

IMG_8044_newTrue colors

IMG_8050_newAfter all day at the march, fresh as a daisy!