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Jun 01 2017
Kathy Griffin Is Screwing This Up Majorly Comments (0)

Kathy Griffin

This is the stupidest idea — Kathy Griffin will appear at a press conference tomorrow to respond to “the bullying from the Trump family she has endured.”

I am Team Kathy, and I don't think what she did was the end of the world. It was obviously, obviously crossing the line, and I'm shocked that she was shocked at the outcry from the right and the left, but I honestly think Trump has courted such extreme reactions. He has created an atmosphere of actual violence, so ginning up violent art images should be the least surprising thing he confronts.

I also think he and Melanie grotesquely dragged Barron into this with a fake story about him believing the image was real.

But face it — most people are appalled by the image. She's lost work and fans (she has a large military fanbase along with the gays) over this, and she has abjectly apologized.

Why keep this going? It's only going to suck up attention from the Russia probe and Trump's outrageous rejection of the Paris Climate Accord.

This is just going to come off as attention-seeking, especially since Kathy's entire act — while couched in humor — is soft bullying. She has said mean shit about people, so I don't think most people are going to be sympathetic.

I think the only diehard Team Kathys on this one are going to be those of us liberals who are so goddamned angry we can't stand it. But that's not a majority, and this is just going to backfire.

Team Trump is jumping for joy at this distraction. Annoying.

Again, I am Team Kathy, but I would rather she not insert herself into the Trump narrative.