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Jun 06 2017
One Psychological Drama Desk Awards After Another ... Comments (0)

DANIEL CRAIG*Autograph hound bothering me and my date Daniel Craig (Image by Mike Summers)

I was gonna go to D.C. this weekend, or even plan a camping trip, but they seem to be falling through.

Instead, I had my getaway right in NYC: My pal Mike had an extra ticket to the Drama Desk Awards Monday evening, as well as the after-party, so I was only too happy to snap it up.

IMG_0312Christy Altomare of Anastasia (The guy with her was dreamy.)

TOMMY TUNETommy Tune, one of the few I grabbed outside (Image by Mike Stern)

We attended with our other pal, also Mike.

Did I mention that Mike #1 is 10X the starfucker I am, and that Mike #2 is 100X the starfucker I am?! Having two people seeking star pic-withs is ideal, because if you grab someone, it's easy enough to then switch positions and stars are usually happy to oblige. With three, it becomes overwhelming.

IMG_0349Christine Ebersole! This one, I didn't think was destined to happen. (Image by Mike Summers)

So, I did not go for everyone they did (Danny DeVito, Amy Ryan, many nominees), yet still had fun and wound up with some nice photos.

DSC03432ABOVE: Randy (with Mike #2) was a hilarious presenter, zinging Andrew Lloyd Webber in absentia. BELOW: Mike #2 in action with George Takei! (Images by Matthew  Rettenmund)


We found Randy Rainbow (so nice, with Mom as his date) before the carpet, but then parked where the stars would go from carpet to theater so the guys would be able to grab as many quick pic-withs as possible.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 3.28.02 PMVanessa Williams, Kevin Kline, Jane Krakowski (Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

I must say my spotting abilities were on point — I went from tiny Danny DeVito to towering Tommy Tune, and helped them spot Kate Walsh and other famous people they knew but couldn't place. (Though I was hopeless on  theater people.)

I was embarrassed to run into Seth Sikes, the singer who is also an A.D. on Bandstand; he's a star in his own right and here I was stalking celebs. Oops. I also later realized my neighbor does the PR for the Drama Desk Awards, and that a good friend of mine is apparently very close with Christine Ebersole! Wish I'd known that last one; we had a devil of a time getting her to stand still for a shot as she entered the building. (She was very nice, just busy, and the man with her praised our patience.)

The funniest part was that Mike #1, who brought me, was dying for Daniel Craig, but we all figured he wouldn't show. When Mike #2 was off asking Kevin Kline for a pic (“No. No. No. No. I don't do pictures.”), I totally spied Craig at the bar in the theater's lobby. I told Mike #1 to get over there and took his phone, prepped to get him a pic and hopefully one for me, too. He asked Craig and the response was, “Can I get my drink first?” followed immediately by, “Did that sound angry?”

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.35.59 AMHad the feels for Creel! (Image by Mike Summers)

He was goodnatured enough, but made us wait 90 seconds while his drink was Daniel craig painstakingly prepared and his handler was gravitating back to run interference. When he was almost set to do it, Mike #2 saw us and sensed we were on the prowl, asking who we were waiting for... right in front of Craig ... then wanted his own pic, too. (Love ya, Mike #2!) That was it for Craig; he did one for Mike #1 then insisted that he'd only do one more, which meant Mike #2 and I would have to share. Fine by me! Mike #2, who has more celeb pic-withs than anyone I know, is a stickler for being alone in it, but Craig, irritated now, firmly said, “I'm doing one more. I'm drawing the” — CLICK — line.”

Still a nice shot. I'm always ready. Sorry, Daniel! Sorry, Mike #2!

Jane KCome on, Mike #1, focus! :) (Image by Mike Summers)

The show was fun. We had Jane Krakowski in front of us, and she was beyond gracious afterward. She also stole the show, kissing winner Kevin Kline then doing a pratfall as if swooning. “It's called scene-stealing,” he ad-libbed drily. (His acceptance speech was a riot, and when he left, he did do a pic for longtime celebrity shooter Gary Lee Boas.)

IMG_0317After-party all the time! (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Michael Urie was a great host, and though there were quite a few technical awards that weren't exactly riveting, the show held our attention. Aaron Rhyne, who won for Outstanding Projection Design, had Mike #1 and I falling in love (with him) and hs speech, about his mother's struggle with cancer, was the most affecting of the evening. (He turned out to be a humble doll at the after-party, too.)

LAURA LINNEYShe was so sweet to do this as she was leaving the after-party (Image by Michael Stern)

One unfortunate aspect of the show as a dreadful woman in the row in front of us (and sitting next to Mike #2) who kept taking photos of every single person onstage, not bothering to be discreet (photography wasn't banned, it was just her screen was bright), and talking loudly, being disruptive. The woman behind her gave her the tap and the woman SEETHED not to touch her, so another man kept chastising her and clapping loudly in her ear to fluster her. Did. Not. Work.

With big winner Bette Midler not even there to accept (c'mon), at least her co-star Gavin Creel was on hand to get his award! I've met and interviewed him; I think and hope he kinda-sorta knew who I was, and we posed for a pic in the lobby. Glad he won — great person, great show.

IMG_0344*With the utterly amazing Lynn Cohen, 83 and partying her ass off. (Image by Mike Summers)

Afterward, the starfuckers wanted Hal Prince, but he never emerged. Instead, we headed to the after-party, where we bumped into winner Laura Linney and met the very kind Lynn Cohen, who humored all of us with funny pictures.

Andy karlWanted to steal Andy Karl from his wife, but his wife is Orfeh so — I lose. (Image by Michael Stern)

Danny BDanny Burstein, a great talent, and very gracious

Also had a chance to tell Ryan Spahn, Urie's BF, how amazing he was in Daniel's Husband, say hello to Michael Musto and the hilarious Drew Droege, and to eat like a pig.

I think the boys were mostly happy with their haul, even if all Bettes were off.

P.S. Whoever this guy is, I want to take him to Bermuda:

HOT GUY(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)