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Jun 28 2017
Signs Of The Times: NYC LGBT Pride March Comments (0)

IMG_7043_newThe Lorax for president! (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

My final post from the NYC LGBT Pride March is a collection of signs and T-shirt slogans that caught my eye.

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Tons of Hot Guys from Pride Here!

In truth, there were too many to ever hope to capture, but it's always fun trying ...

IMG_7044_newDead serious

IMG_7046_newOh, how they DO Carrie on!



IMG_7122_newThis is a good look for Betsy & Jared

IMG_7155amfAR's slogan was a winner.

IMG_7214_newReal men reject patriarchy.

IMG_7555_newYes, Santa Claus, there is a vagina.

IMG_7315_newRemembering Gilbert Baker

IMG_7587_newThis is more accurate than BLACK LIVES MATTER.

IMG_7570Uh ... see the sign directly before these 2. (P.S. All the people around them had anti-Trump fans.)

IMG_7602_newEverybody say LOVE!

IMG_7613_newI love his mirth in contrast with the TRUMP FOR PRISON 2017 guy!

IMG_7729_newHis message wasn't backwards — our country is!

IMG_7744_newGreat way to promote

IMG_7746_newHe was shot — by a white guy. Of COURSE.


IMG_7922_newHe slipped into his favorite Teddy.

IMG_7878_newNot such an unreasonable request.