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Jun 15 2017
Trans Author Janet Mock: WE'RE NOT OUT THERE DECEIVING PEOPLE Comments (0)

Janet-Mock(Image via Atria Books)

Trans advocate Janet Mock gives a lengthy, revealing interview to People Magazine to promote her new memoir Surpassing Certainty: What My Twenties Taught Me ().

Key quote:

The number one thing is to ensure that they feel safe enough to tell someone their story … It shouldn’t be the responsibility of trans women to disclose to every person that they meet, [that they’re transgender] whether it’s a romantic partner, friend, roommate or coworker… There’s a misconception that trans women are out there deceiving people. We’re not out there deceiving people. We’re not even trying to pass. We’re just trying to be ourselves in a society that has put us into boxes, and has told us that if we don’t fit in those boxes then we don’t belong and we’re not deserving of happiness, of fulfillment, of contentment. [We need to have] agency over who we tell our stories to and whether we want to tell our stories to someone at all.

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