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Jun 21 2017
You Can Always Count ON Sir Ari Gold To Do One Thing: MAKE MUSIC Comments (0)

19441076_10158863649665228_1769978649_n(Image via GoldNation)

Sir Ari Gold is back with a Pride-friendly track, “Make Music,” from the album Soundtrack to Freedom. The video was debuted over at WOW.

Here is how he sums up his latest work in light of a recent cancer diagnosis:

After being diagnosed with blood cancer last year, and often feeling ignored by my own community about the impact I’ve had as an openly gay artist during a time when no one else dared, I continue to make my own path, my own music. Especially when all our human rights are now being threatened. It’s what I’ve always done and what I will continue to do for as long as I live. It’s awesome to share the screen with all the talented artists and musicians of New York City making powerful music together. This video is a tribute to all the folks out there making their own music, in whatever way that means to them.

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