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Jul 20 2017
Aleshia Brevard, Trans Trailblazer, Dies @ 79 Comments (0)

Aleshia-BrevardAleshia Brevard: December 9, 1937—July 1, 2017 (Image via Brevard/The Heroines)

Aleshia Brevard, a model and entertainer who in the early '60s became one of the first Americans to undergo SRS, has died. She was 79.

As noted in Austin Mutti-Mewse's obit, Brevard had been a popular female impersonator 1at Finocchio's in San Francisco (pictured at left, pre-SRS), where she says Marilyn Monroe caught her act before the icon's death in 1962. Brevard was in character as Marilyn, one of many glamourpusses she portrayed.

Via The Daily Telegraph:

“It was only when the lights went up I noticed her wiggle,” Aleshia Brevard later recalled. “I screamed in excitement. She blew me a kiss. Recounting that night in her diary, Marilyn wrote that watching Aleshia Brevard was like seeing herself on film.

Brevard began her transition in the 1950s, inspired by Christine Jorgensen (1926-1989), undergoing SRS in 1962 with money earned at Finocchio's. She went back to school and then did time as a Playboy bunny and eventually an actress, with appearances in The Love God? (1969), The Female Bunch (1971) and others.

Great Q&A with Brevard Here

She became an acting instructor in her later years, and married four times — twice to men who did not know she was trans.

Brevard came out as trans in the memoir The Woman I Was Not Born to Be: A Transsexual Journey (2001) and wrote several other works, including a 2013 novel.

RIP to a chick who certainly didn't have it easy, but who didn't let that stop her.



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