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Jul 14 2017
Hot Stuff, Comin' Through! Comments (0)

Unnamed-1(Images via Sir Richard's)

Sir Richard's — a great destination for, as they say, “below-the-belt products” for men — has some great new products I've been able to hands-on test.

For one thing, the site has a new line called Command that features bondage and restraint items for men. all inspired by climbing  gear. That is a hot combination designed to help you get your, er, rocks off. (Pictured below.)


They've also got their classic Slick Dick's Guy Grease (a solid cologne to help you smell good while you're tying people up) and Slick Dick's Better Than Spit, its cleverly titled and appropriately slippery personal lube.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 11.38.06 PM

Women's toys and products keep advancing, but it takes the unusual company like Sir Richard's to keep pushing men's goodies forward.

Give it a shot!