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Jul 31 2017
Anthony Scaramucci, You're Fired: Removed After 10 Days ... 10 Nights Comments (0)

Article-mooch2Yes, my header is another Moreau reference, but there will be no Moreau of loud-mouthed pipsqueak Anthony Scaramucci — according to the New York Post, the little guy has been fired.


Keep reading for more dirt ...

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When Madonna Met Moreau Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.54.24 PMIn 1998, Madonna made an incredible appearance on the French TV series Sacrées Femmes, on which she was surprising by numerous celebrity fans — Gaultier, Patricia Kaas and, most memorably, Jeanne Moreau, who passed away today at 89.

Even a star's star like Madonna can be cowed by greatness. Watch her overjoyed reactions to meeting Moreau after the jump ...

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6-PACK — Dad's Response To Anti-Trans Memes + GOLDEN Guys? + Give PARTING GLANCES A Second Look + Handler Handles 'Er + Penis-Enlargement Catastrophe + Kathy Griffin Shaves Her Head! Comments (0)

JRFord-1600x900JR Ford, a concerned dad of a trans daughter, writes: “Every time we let any hate speech fester without rebuke, we perpetuate a future where kids and adults like my own child could be the next target for violence merely for catching the eye of a man so insecure in themselves that they would resort to violence because of attraction ... We cannot treat that daily threat of violence as normal.”

Keep reading for his comments and more of today's hottest links ...

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NewNowNext On BOY CULTURE: THE SERIES Comments (0)

Read NewNowNext's great write-up on Boy Culture: The Series here! Keep reading for more info ...

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Sam Shepard, Greatest Living American Playwright Of His Generation, Dies @ 73 Comments (0)

SamShepardRightStuffVia Variety: Sam Shepard, widely considered the greatest living American playwright of his generation, has died at 73. 

Unbenownst to many, he writer, director and actor was battling ALS, althought he continued working until recently.

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Jeanne Moreau, French Film Icon, Dies @ 89 Comments (0)

Jeanne_moreauVia The Guardian: Jeanne Moreau, the actress who became an icon of French cinema and in particular the French New Wave, has died at her home in Paris.

She was 89.

Keep reading for a full obit on this screen legend ...

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6-PACK — The Art Of Being David Hockney + Booty Call + Homeland Security Candidate Out Over Trans Ban + Chris Christie's Big Shot At Asserting Himself + Pledge Of Might? + Gaga Subpoenaed! Comments (0)

Gm_366438EX1_Original_x1024David Ehrenstein profiles living legend David Hockney on the occasion of the show Happy Birthday Mr. Hockney at L.A.'s The Getty Center.

The show's on, as is Hockney's legendary love for boys jumping into pools, apparently. Keep reading for this and other hot links of the day ...

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Jul 30 2017
Madonna's WHERE'S THE PARTY Demo! Comments (0)

Madonna-Wheres-PartyI remember first discovering the promo 12" singles from You Can Dance in a used record store! (Image via Sire)

Patrick Leonard is playing a highly anticipated show in NYC in September (get tickets here), and continues to tease fans with discoveries from his work with Madonna. The latest? A generous snippet from their “Where's the Party” demo ...

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