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Jul 18 2017
John Enos Denies Madonna's 1990s Letter Was To Him, Threatens To Sue THE TALK Comments (0)

13606853_10154352296949036_8512062694934152053_nJohn Enos — still looking good. (Image via Facebook @ John Enos)

John Enos, the man to whom that instantly notorious 1990s letter from Madonna was allegedly written — the one in which she referred to Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone as mediocre — is denying the letter was to him and threatening to sue The Talk, apparently over the implication that he leaked it/is selling it.

20187256_10155515368427498_2002774704_o(Image via Facebook)

This is now all officially ridiculous.

First ...

... the letter is old, and contains privately expressed sentiments in a period of great insecurity. Which is another way of saying, Who the fuck cares if Madonna didn't want to be Sharon Stone or Whitney Houston? Why would she want to be either? Why would they want to be her?

Second, The Talk I have not watched on this topic; the women are vile and their opinions are generated strictly for cash and to fill time. They never have anything positive to say. I loathe them. So I can only imagine.

Third. John Enos is silly to address this. I guess he feels slandered if the implication is that he leaked and is selling this letter. That's not slander. Good luck suing over that. But also, why not just contact the auction house and get them to stop saying the letter was to him? All they have to do is say the letter is to J and leave it at that — that's not the interesting part.

I'm not surprised he's surprised, though. Madonna probably wrote the letter, had it faxed, and then someone — Christopher? — kept the original, and now it's being sold. He probably doesn't remember it even if it was written to him, and he wouldn't have the original OR the fax because very few people, let alone jet-setters, kept those heat-sensitive fax pages.

Next topic already.