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Jul 28 2017
Mario Cantone Is Even Better At Parodying Anthony Scaramucci Than Anthony Scaramucci Is Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 12.15.29 PMWhen observers speculated that out comic Mario Cantone would make a great Anthony Scaramucci, I was skeptical he had the chops.

I was wrong about John McCain for the moment (I love ethics!) and I was wrong about Mario (I love ethnics!), who absolutely kills as Scaramucci in a new Comedy Central short ...

Mario Cantone Anthony Scaramucci“It's terrible. It's terrible. I don't like it. Correction: I love it!” (Video still via Comedy Central)

Cantone expertly captures Scaramucci's speech and Moochiness, delivering hysterical lines like:

I've also seen [Trump] eat a live raccoon, bones and all, and shit out a Siamese housecat.

The Scaramucci/Chump bromance, forever memorialized: