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Aug 08 2017
6-PACK — Boy Culture: The Series & The Blog News + Nekkid Tom Middleton + Boys Are Hug-Shamed + Tacky PEOPLE + NIGHT OF A THOUSAND ACID QUEENS! Comments (0)

UnnamedBoy Culture has been named one of the world's best 100 LGBTQ blogs. If that sounds like a lot, it is a lot, but there are many thousands out there — so I am very lucky.

More top news: Tom Middleton, nude; teen boys told to stop hugging; amazing Tommy concert + more, just keep reading ...

FINAL MAIN IMAGEThe blog is getting recognized just as we move into the next frontier: Boy Culture: The Series!

WIDGETFeedspot: Looks like Boy Culture is one of the best 100 gay blogs on the planet. Check out the list as a great reference for the 99 others you need to read.

WIDGETQueerty: Two boys, 17 and 18, were asked to chill on gratuitous hugging in front of children at an Italian resort. Hugging.

WIDGETKS: Help us hit $20K with the hottest cast ever!

Tom4-780x439Tom Middleton really gave it his all in that movie! (Still via OMG Blog)

WIDGETOMG Blog: Tom Middleton, completely naked front 'n' back 'n' sides, in scenes from La Noche del Lobo (2014). Intense!

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): Hopefully we've progressed a lot since this 1990 People cover on AIDS.

WIDGETJoe's Pub: Get ready for Night of a Thousand Acid Queens: A Queer Concert Version of The Who's Tommy, starring Cheryl Freeman, Cady Huffman, Michael Musto & more!

Night-of-a-Thousand-Acid-QueensWanna do some Tina? (Image via Joe's Pub)