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Aug 29 2017
Ann Coulter Takes A Stab At Being The Dorothy Parker Of Hurricane Harvey ... Comments (0)

Trust... but we'd prefer it if she simply took a stab at her wrists.

Ann Coulter, who — have you heard? — is human garbage, sank to another new low, tweeting heartlessly about Hurricane Harvey in such a way that slams the LGBTQ community and also climate change.

Because all these massive hurricanes are just happening for no reason, y'know? Read her tweet ...

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 3.11.57 PM(Image via Twitter)

That's right, instead of calling out the insane religious fanatics who think Houston's lesbian mayor (from 2000-2016), Annise Parker, brought God's wrath aka Hurricane Harvey on the city, Ann Coulter decided to make light of such a claim while simultaneously discrediting climate change.

Always looking for a way to push false right-wing bilge, eh?