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Aug 31 2017
Max Emerson & Andrés Camilo: Skin 'n' Bare It + Like To Knock Trump's Cap Off + Short-Shorts + Will Smith Lets Fruits Near His Junk? + Radio Not-So-Silence + Hot Mug Shot Guy II — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Max-emerson-andres-camilo-obsession-no21-daniel-jaems-03bMax Emerson and Andrés Camilo are among the world's hottest male couples — and they know it.

Now, they're revving their engines to get the news of their hotness to a broader audience, posing for Daniel James for an intimate, skintastic, D. Hedral-clad shoot that appears in the new Attitude.

Keep reading to ogle them and for more of the day's hottest links, including a new “hot mug shot guy,” Jada Pinkett Smith's “grapefruiting” claims and more ...

Max-emerson-andres-camilo-obsession-no21-daniel-jaems-04aThe couple that preys together ... (Credit on image)

Attitude: Check out the stunning Max Emerson and Andrés Camilo's sexy-as-hell boyfriend poses for Attitude.

New York Magazine: Trump slammed by ethics group for shameless hawking of his USA cap.

Kenneth in the (212): When your shorts are this tiny, why bother wearing them? You can tell his religion, as they used to say.

DListed: Jada Pinkett Smith wants you to think she's done this to Will Smith's manhood.

Huff Post: Scientists have detected  inexplicable radio bursts coming from a galaxy 3 billion light years away. Probably not from aliens, but ...

59a7c6b424000032004ba996Hello, hello, hello ... is there anybody out there? (Credit on image)

Crime Watch Daily: Yet another “hot mug shot guy”? Mekhi Alante Lucky gets a modeling gig to go along with his 2016 arrest.

Screen-shot-2017-08-30-at-10-13-820x430Get my good side! (Images via mug shot & St. Claire Modeling Agency)