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Aug 16 2017
Heather Heyer's Mom: GUESS WHAT? YOU JUST MAGNIFIED HER Comments (0)

Heather-heyer_vert-02911c2f108ce92b05cb3f432e286cf35df8a0d7-s300-c85Heather Heyer's mom, Susan Bro, is a great lady, one with true grit and resolve. Her response to the gut-wrenching news of her daughter's murder, allegedly by white supremacist James Fields, has been grace-filled and determined.

Now, speaking at her daughter's memorial, Bro just received a standing ovation for her powerful remarks ...

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 12.10.56 PM(Image by Christian Heilman/Twitter @cgheilman)

Bro, speaking at a memorial for Heyer, said:

I think the reason that what happened to Heather has struck a chord is because we know that what she did is achievable — we don't all have to die, we don't all have to sacrifice our lives.

They tried to kill my child to shut her up. Well, guess what? You just magnified her.


Below, Susan speaks to Anderson Cooper about who Heather was: