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Aug 14 2017
Matthew At 17 Comments (0)

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This is my “Senior Shorts” entry from 1987 ...

What blows me away is I posted this after reading of the students in Missouri who had their yearbook quotes censored, yet when I look at this, that's not the only entry it pertains to!

Look at what I just posted today and you can see some echoes in this 30-year-old document — pet peeves include racism, favorite song is “La Isla Bonita” (it must've just come out when we wrote this) and “just kidding” is still my go-to.

I also saw Debbie Harry live — this month.

I'm still waiting for my Academy Award, but I am just now about to get my first screenwriting credit! God, I bought those Syd Field how-tos in high school and it took me until 2017!