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Aug 02 2017
Patrick Leonard's Collaborations With Madonna Comments (0)

DG0UgtQU0AAvRuNPatrick Leonard on Madonna: “I have the demos where she sang a song, having written it 15 minutes before, and it was a #1 record and remains valid 30 years later, who’s gonna tell me that’s not a real artist?” (Image by Bill Lanphier)

If you've read Part 1 and Part 2 of my long chat with Patrick Leonard, you'll want to check out this handy guide to all the times he's worked with her:

All songs are cowritten and produced by Leonard with Madonna and sung by Madonna, unless noted.

Project (Date of Release); Indented, Songs: # Billboard Hot 100 U.S. Chart Position for Singles, if Applicable — Notes

Virgin Tour (1985) — Music director

“True Blue” (1986):

    “La Isla Bonita” #4 — Co-composition with Bruce Gaitsch

    “Live to Tell” #1

    “Love Makes the World Go Round” NA

    “Open Your Heart” #1 — Production only

    “Where's the Party” NA — Co-composition with Stephen Bray

    “White Heat” NA

Who's That Girl World Tour (1987) — Music director

Who's That Girl Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1987)

    “The Look of Love” NA

    “Who's That Girl” #1

“Possessive Love” (1988)  NA — Marilyn Martin single

“Tell Me” (1988) NA — Nick Kamen single

Like a Prayer (1989):

    “Act of Contrition” NA

    “Cherish” #2

    “Dear Jessie” NA

    “Like a Prayer” #1

    “Oh Father” #20

    “Pray for Spanish Eyes” NA

    “Promise to Try” NA

    “Till Death Do Us Part” NA

    “Supernatural” NA — B-side

    “Angels with Dirty Faces” NA —Discarded; complete demo exists

I'm Breathless: Music from and Inspired by the Film Dick Tracy (1990):

    “Cry Baby” NA

    “Hanky Panky” #10

    “He's a Man” NA

    “I'm Going Bananas” NA — Production only

    “Now I'm Following You Part 1” NA — Duet with Warren Beatty

    “Now I'm Following You Part 1” NA — Co-production with Kevin Gilbert; duet with Warren Beatty

    “Something to Remember” NA

“Just a Dream” (1992) NA — Donna De Lory single

With Honors: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack (1994):

    “I'll Remember” #2 — Co-composition with Richard Page of Mr. Mister

Ray of Light (1998)

    “Frozen” #2 — Co-production with William Orbit

    “Has to Be” NA — Co-composition with William Orbit, no production; B-side, Japanese bonus track

    “Nothing Really Matters” #93 — No production

    “The Power of Good-bye” #24 — Production only

    “Skin” NA — Co-production with William Orbit & Marius de Vries

    “Sky Fits Heaven” NA — Co-production with William Orbit

    “To Have and Not to Hold” NA — Production only

Hello, Suckers! (2004) — Aborted movie musical

    Two songs, one a ballad; titles unknown NA

    Multiple cover versions, including “Boum” NA — Produced only

I Am Because We Are (2008) — Score