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Aug 22 2017
6-PACK — Australian Gay-Marriage Vote Gets Ugly + Accused Thrill-Killer Is Doing Great, Thanks For Asking + Lovin' Bloom + BEACH RATS Blow-Out + Bannon Comes For Trump? + Arizona GOP's ALL-Asian-AMERICAN GIRL! Comments (0)

DHlq-eyUAAAz6toThe campaign for marriage equality in Australia has taken an ugly turn. Ahead of a vote (really? straights get to vote on whether gays have rights?), mysterious forces have produced outrageously negative posters and flyers (bilingual, too — handy!) condemning gay people as child molesters and unfit parents.

Even wishy-washy PM Malcolm Turnbull — as well as all prominent voices on either side of the debate — has condemned the effort. Keep reading for more on this ugly development ...

WIDGETHuff Post Queer Voices: Aussie PM deplores “disrespectful, abusive language whether it is directed at young gay people or people of other religions or other races.”

WIDGETTowleroad: Don't worry, you guys, that NU prof accused of thrill-killing and nearly beheading his boyfriend is staying positive behind bars. Also, he's “brilliant.”

WIDGETDListed: Don't you think, if you had the chance, you'd make time to have sex with Orlando Bloom?!

WIDGETThe Wrap: Beach Rats is a buzz film controversial for its unflinching depiction of anti-gay violence. New clips:

WIDGETDailyKos: Trump flip-flops on Afghanistan, Bannon's Breitbart preps to go to war — on him. (Or they're pretending.)

WIDGETVice News: The Arizona GOP used an old Margaret Cho pic from her sitcom to represent real Asian-American families.

Screen-Shot-2017-08-22-at-6.35.17-PM-1(Image via Arizona GOP)