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Aug 14 2017
6-PACK — Jackie Pulls A Joan + Man Arrested For Plotting To Bomb Oklahoma City + WHEN PIGS FLY Again! + Sessions Gets What Domestic Terrorism Is + Biz Leaders Abandon Trump + Demonstrators Pull Down Monument To Confederacy! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 9.23.10 PMJackie Hoffman of Feud is pulling  Joan Crawford, phoning all her Emmy rivals, offering to accept on their behalf in the eventuality that any of the other women win:

Is this Laura Dern, Miss Laura Dern? Bruce! Bruce Dern. Are you taking all of Laura's calls? Oh, you work for her.

Keep reading for this and some other hot links including Jeff Sessions using the phrase Trump never, ever will ...

Mamacita-1502744256Jackie Hoffman as Mamacita — she's really a one-of-a-kind performer! (Image via FX)

WIDGETYouTube @ Variety: I once saw Jackie Hoffman's one-woman show. Jealous? Watch her hysterical short in which she channels Miss Joan Crawford ahead of the Emmys:

WIDGETDaily Beast: The FBI arrested a man who planned to bomb Oklahoma City. But hey, he's white and Christian (and mentally ill) so no biggie, right?

DHNSwxXVYAAeq5MJerry Drake Varnell, who court documents show is schizophrenic (Image via mug shot)

WIDGETNewNowNext: One of the funniest things I saw in NYC in the '90s? When Pigs Fly. And it's flying again, with Bob Mackie (!) attached. I'm dead.

WIDGETNYT: AG Jeff Sessions — with his own past clouded with racist actions — forcefully called the murder in Charlottesville what it is: Domestic terrorism.

DHOubfKXgAAYPKY.jpg-large(Image via Twitter)

WIDGETPolitico: Merck and Under Armour CEOs resign from presidential manufacturing council over Trump's shruggy response to Charlottesville.

WIDGETHuff Post: Demonstrators pulled down a 1920s monument to Confederate soldiers outside a Durham, North Carolina, courthouse. Reminiscent of Saddam's fall.