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Sep 12 2017
Enter To Win A Digital Download Of FUTURE FRIENDS From Superfruit!  Comments (0)
To enter to win a digital download of Superfruit's Future Friends, comment this post ...
... with the name of a famous person you'd love to be friends with in the future. I'll pick 3 of you at random to win 1 week from tonight at 5 p.m. ET (U.S. Only)
Future Friends - the debut album from pop duo SUPERFRUIT!
Featuring "Imaginary Parties," "Worth It (Perfect)" and more! 
Future Friends is Available September 15
Future Friends Track List:
1. Imaginary Parties
2. Bad 4 Us
3. Worth It (Perfect)
4. Vacation
5. Sexy Ladies
6. Heartthrob
7. Future Friends
8. How You Feeling?
9. Hurry Up!
10. Deny U
11. Goodbye From Lonely
12. Guy.Exe
13. Fantasy Featuring Amber Liu
14. Keep Me Coming
15. Everything Featuring Inara George
16. Future Friends (Brian Robert Jones Choir Remix)
Official Website: