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Sep 20 2017
Billie Jean King Movie's Sin Of Omission + Robbie Rogers For Target + Students Riot Over Shooting Of Scout Schultz + Gay Muslim's Journey To Saudi Arabia + Cassidy Still Lying About Health Care — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

BjkTennis fan Kenneth Walsh turns in a much more nuanced review of Battle of the Sexes, the Billie Jean King/Bobby Riggs film I raved about this week. (He liked it a lot, too.)

Walsh examines the film's choice to leave out the part of King's affair with Marilyn Barnett where Barnett became a paraplegic while living in Mr. and Mrs. King's home and sued Billie Jean for palimony, effectively outing her in '81. (She would not acknowledge she is a lesbian until 1998.)

There is a lot to the story the film doesn't (can't? possibly shouldn't?) contain, but at the very least, an epilogue would've been appropriate. Keep reading for this and more of the hottest links of the day on...

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb09c39b27970d-800wi(Image via Fox Searchlight)

Kenneth in the (212): On Battle of the Sexes — which he grades an A as a film — this tennis buff notes: “[T]he truth is Billie Jean left a trail of tears along the way to where she is today -- and frankly I think her generational shame still haunts her even to this day.”

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Outsports: Robbie Rogers, the out pro soccer player, is one of the faces of Target's new campaign.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 11.12.38 AMScout Schultz (Image via CBS News)

CBS News: Scout Schultz, an LGBTQ student leader at Georgia Tech, apparently intended to commit suicide by cop — and the campus cops were all too eager to comply, shooting Scout dead in a confrontation that could have been far less violent. Now, several are facing charges for inciting a riot on the campus when a peaceful protest was overtaken by a violent, anti-police faction. Still, Scout's father has the $64,000 question: Why shoot?

Crime Watch Daily: In the same way the law makes no sense regarding prostitution and porn (the former is illegal — unless you film it!), did you know that while it is illegal to flash someone your penis on the streeth, it's legal to flash it to them online?

ASinnerinMecca_3D-500(Image via

Towleroad: The TowleREAD series features gay Muslim Parvez Sharma, whose A Sinner in Mecca chronicles his potentially suicidal journey to Saudi Arabia, where he hoped to gain insight into extremists.

Joe.My.God.: Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana) again lies, defending himself against Jimmy Kimmel's crusade against Graham-Cassidy: